Mining & Metal Refining

Our company carries out mining, sourcing, refining and trading of different minerals like Gold (Au), Diamond (C), copper (Cu), silver (Ag) and Tin (Sn).

We also work as commission Agents by linking up precious mineral sellers to potential buyers in different countries like China, UAE, Korea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ghana, Kenya, and Burkina-Faso among others.

We further go on to support communities where mining takes by constructing schools, hospitals and market stalls as a way of giving back and developing such communities

We further take precautions and serious measures against environmental degradation and spillage hazards by monitoring the condition of the environment in the community by using trained staffs.

In this industry we also welcome investors who are experienced and interested in the business to join for more exploration and tapping of different minerals both locally and internationally.

Watch the Video below for Sample Gold